Here’s our sneak peak of the definitive IoT landscape

After four years of investing, incubating, discovering, gathering and researching the field, we believe that the Internet Of Things, commonly referred to as IoT or the industrial Internet, will represent the most powerful force for business transformation since the birth of the

How to avoid losing in the competitive “future of work”

Did you get the memo? We’re living in the future. But despite being in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0), we’re not seeing the increase in productivity we’re used to seeing with the previous revolutions. Labor productivity growth

What is IoT’s disruptive role in the rise of sustaintech?

Environmental technology is breaking out of its shell and transforming into what is becoming today’s new buzzword: sustaintech, a combination of cleantech and smarttech. What does the emergence of sustaintech mean? It signals that we are witnessing how disruptive innovations are breaking